ALMA-NPM   Archdiocesan Liturgical Musicians’ Association, Milwaukee, WI

Through the membership dues we receive, ALMA is able to offer you wonderful programming offerings, and to help support each other throughout the year. We ask that everyone uses the online registration form.

You may pay by check or by credit card, but collecting all registrations in one place will help us, thank you!

REGISTER HERE for 2018-19  (July to June) 

Individual memberships/parish memberships are $25.00. Additional memberships are available for  10.00.   You can also pay it forward, and offer an additional membership for someone who is not able to pay for membership.

We are also pleased to offer lifetime memberships for $250.00. Even if you’re already a lifetime member, please register again and select the lifetime member previous purchase option.

DONATIONS are always accepted, and help defer the fees of those unable to pay.


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