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ALMA-NPM   Archdiocesan Liturgical Musicians’ Association, Milwaukee, WI

ALMA-NPM Board Members 2016-17

These volunteers offer their time to keep ALMA-NPM working smoothly.  They are all busy in their ministries, but volunteer time to attend monthly board meetings, and to organize many of the events.  Is there a name missing on this list? YOU?  Please consider helping in any way that you are able.

Margaret Caldwell
Lumen Christi, Theinsville

Dean Daniels
Office of Liturgy, Milwaukee

Brian Eggers, Chair
Ss. Peter and Paul, Milwaukee

Kathy Wellenstein, Treasurer
St. Pius X Parish, Milwaukee

Kate Sponholz, Secretary

Deanna Paige Tritz

Aaron Mathews

Maria Notch

Tom Scuglik

Sr. Mary Jane Wagner
St. Joseph Convent, Milwaukee

Peg Kasun
Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Gregory the Great, Milwaukee

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